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YouTube Tests Custom Messages for Super Thanks, New Channel Subscriber Data Options


YouTube is testing out a new addition to its ‘Super Thanks’ creator donation process which will enable people who purchase a Super Thanks donation to add a custom message, instead of the previously auto-generated Super Thanks comment.

Super Thanks, which YouTube added in July last year, enables users to make quick donations to their favorite creators in the app by purchasing a Super Thanks animation at one of four price points (between $2 and $50). When you allocate a Super Thanks to a video, an animation is displayed on-screen.

Super Thanks example

In addition to this, an automated ‘Thanks!’ comment is also added to the comment stream, with a distinctive color to signify your donation.

Super Thanks comment

Thus far, ‘Thanks!’ has been the only message that can be included, but now, YouTube is testing out a new option that will enable users to include a custom message with their donation.

As explained by YouTube:

“We’re experimenting with customizable comments for Super Thanks, which will allow supporters to have more meaningful interactions with creators.”

YouTube says that the option is currently in the experimental phase, so only some viewers will have the capacity to customize their Super Chat comments, but it’s looking to roll it out more broadly throughout the year. YouTube’s also looking to expand Super Chat to more creators.

On another front, YouTube has also added some new data collection and management options that could help maximize the value of your YouTube efforts.

First off, YouTube’s added a new option that enables channel managers to export their members listing to a .CSV file, providing another way to expand your audience outreach beyond YouTube itself. The data available is limited, but it provides another way to expand your process, and enhance connection with your YouTube audience.

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YouTube’s also added a new integration with IFTTT which enables channel managers to set up data collection on members to help deliver perks and better incentivize membership.

YouTube IFTTT applets

There’s actually a range of YouTube integrations available via IFTTT which could significantly improve your channel management and audience engagement. You can check out more IFTTT applets for YouTube here.

On balance, these updates are fairly minor, but they each have a specific, and valuable purpose, which could make them highly useful for certain creators and channels. More data is always better, while custom messages for Super Chat adds another element – which will also see it get misused too. But either way, it could add some more considerations for your process.

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