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YouTube Adds Automatic Segmentation for Clips, Launches Dark Mode for YouTube Studio

YouTube is making automatic video chapters available for all uploaded clips, while it’s also launching a new dark mode for YouTube Studio on desktop, which will no doubt please fans of these Goth versions of websites and apps.

First off, on video chapters – last November, YouTube launched an experiment which saw chapters automatically inserted into selected videos, using machine learning to identify relevant segments within each.

The option builds upon YouTube’s manually inserted video chapters, which it launched to all creators last May, as a means to improve navigation to specific sections of video clips.

Now, YouTube’s making its automatic video segmentation available for all videos.

As YouTube’s Conor Kavanagh explains, creators will be able to opt-out of the option within YouTube Studio, but soon, for new videos uploaded, YouTube’s system will seek to automatically segment your clips into defined chapters and elements.

Kavanagh does note that not all videos will be eligible, and if you enter manual segments via the above process, that will override automatic segmentation either way. But for other clips, you may notice new segments being added in – which could be worth noting to ensure that they’re relevant for your clips.

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Segmentation can have various benefits, including improved navigation, but also for SEO purposes, as it gives YouTube’s parent company Google more scope to direct search queries to key, relevant sections in video clips.

But again, automated segmentation won’t be perfect, so it will be an element to watch for those who are looking to optimize their YouTube approach.

Kavanagh also says that, over the next couple of months, YouTube’s Studio’s dark theme is being rolled out to all users.

YouTube Studio Dark Mode

Users will be able to switch to dark mode via the ‘Appearance’ settings in the app, which is accessible from the top right corner ‘Settings’ menu.

Dark mode options have a unique fandom, so no doubt this will be a welcome addition to the noir family of apps.

And finally, YouTube’s also making its Stories insights overview available for all users in YouTube analytics on desktop.

YouTube Stories Analytics

As you can see here, the Stories insights card displays views, likes and comments for your active Stories (by segment), providing more info on how your YouTube Stories are contributing to your channel performance. The data also displays subscribers gained as a result of the same.

It’s hard to tell how well YouTube Stories is going, with it seemingly not becoming a key element of the platform as yet, but if you are using Stories, you’ll now have more ways to gain insight into your performance.

These are some interesting updates, and while none are seemingly game-changing, as such, it will be worth keeping tabs on the segmentation element, in particular, as it rolls out to new clips.

You can check out the latest YouTube Creator Insider update here.

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