Yandex will disable Turbo pages for desktops. This is reported by several Telegram channels dedicated to SEO at once, with a link to the letter from Yandex.

The letter that Yandex sent to webmasters says that desktop Turbo pages will stop working on May 24. The company has been testing the technology since 2019.

During the experiment, we closely monitored user metrics and came to the conclusion that on desktop traffic, Turbo pages do not give such a noticeable increase in these indicators as on mobile.

Starting May 24, Turbo desktop pages will stop working and traffic will be directed to the original version of your site. No additional action will be required on your part, ”says Yandex’s letter.

Yandex will disable Turbo pages for desktops from May 24

Recall testing Turbo pages for desktops started winter 2019. Yandex wanted to test the effectiveness of the technology on desktops, since the depth of browsing on Turbo in mobile search results was, on average, 30% higher.

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