Recently Yandex.Zen introduced a new interface: it has an automatic generation of covers by the algorithms of the system.

Now the effectiveness of each of these covers can be analyzed separately. Thanks to the update, you can track the performance of the best covers both in the Zen interface and in Metrica.

How it works

Use the {preview_id} substitution parameter in the UTM label editor. This is the identifier for a specific cover. It can be entered instead of the {id} parameter in the utm_term field


In new campaigns, {preview_id} in the utm term is set automatically, in old ones it must be done manually.

After that, in Metrica or GA statistics, you can track not only the conversion of the publication by the utm_content field, but also the conversion of the cover by the utm_term field.

In Excel reports on advertising campaigns, there is already a sheet “Summary Statistics of Covers”, from which you can take data on costs and other indicators of advertising covers.

cover statistics

What the cover ID looks like

{preview_id} is a composite identifier. Example: 5f57427f428c2e0bb3f705d5_1_2. The first and largest part of the identifier is the regular post identifier. And the numbers after the underscore are the title number and the image number.


Where to see the cover ID

To do this, go to the cover editor:

Cover catalog

Next – into cover statistics

Cover statistics

If you already have an identifier and you need to find a cover or publication by this id, you can use the search. He is now looking for id numbers.

search by id

A source: Yandex Zen for marketers


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