All the main functions of Alice are available in the smart column, with the help of which you can control the smart home, turn on music, fairy tales, search for answers to any questions.

Light Station

Station Light is released in six colors – purple, turquoise, red, yellow, beige and pink. Depending on the color, Alice can show a different character in her answers.

Sergey Melnik, Head of Yandex Smart Devices:

A turquoise speaker for romantics, and Alice is calmer in it. Red for those who are not afraid of difficult challenges, here Alice is more daring. Pink Light Station is for dreamers, so in it Alice believes in magic. Just try to talk to her to reveal her better.

The new speaker is powered by a network, the speaker power is 5 watts, has four microphones, Bluetooth and a universal Type-C connector.

Purple and Turquoise Light stations are already on sale. And on July 22, pre-orders for the rest of the colors will open.

The cost new smart speaker – 3990 rubles.

This is the fourth column in Yandex’s line of smart devices.

Recall that in November 2020 Yandex presented new powerful column Station Max.

Source: Yandex Press Release


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