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Yandex presented the results of a study on how Russians search the Internet in 2021

Yandex presented the results of the All-Russian Online Market Intelligence survey “How Russians Search the Internet in 2021”.

Search engines are not the only way to find the information you want or get a service, according to the study. People often use several alternative search methods along with search engines. Changing search habits is especially common among young people.

  • In addition to search engines, respondents search through social networks, mobile applications (for example, marketplaces or online cinemas), and also go directly to sites (whether they are resources with ads or services for buying tickets).
  • Most Russians believe that enriched answers are useful for solving the search problem. People blame the search engine and its technologies for the quality of such responses.

Entry points

Two thirds of the respondents use their mobile devices to access the Internet. Among young people, the share of mobile users is even higher – about 80%. A third of Russians access the Internet from a computer (17% from a desktop and 15% from a laptop). The situation changes only for the older generation: the 55+ category still uses smartphones less often (31%) and more often computers.

Not a single search engine

The majority of respondents (58%) indicated at least two channels for searching for information (product, service, content, etc.) on the Internet.

In the study, the respondents were offered several examples of different services: from an online cinema and ticket aggregator to a hypermarket with products and a marketplace.

So, in addition to the traditional search engine, people use the service application on a mobile device to search, access social networks or enter a website address in a browser.

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Helpful Answers

Of particular interest in the study is the attitude of Russians to extended answers in search engine results. Such responses are called “enriched” and appear where they best match the user’s request.

According to Yandex, a wide variety of services can be included in the enriched responses. For example, in the search engine results, you can find more than 35 thousand companies that use enriched search technologies for free.

63% of Russians reported that enriched answers can be useful as a way to solve a search problem. According to the same criterion, the assessment of the block of such results in the issue for young people (18-24 years old) reaches 80%.


An example of an enriched answer in Yandex:

Examples of enriched responses in Yandex

An example of an enriched answer on google:

Enriched Google Answers

Crashes in search results

If the results are displayed incorrectly in the enriched answers block, more than half (52%) of the respondents will decide that the problem is in search technologies. One in four respondents (26%) said they would change their search engine if incorrect information was displayed in the enriched responses.

The future of search

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The study showed that there is a change in the search habits of Russians. This primarily applies to young people. According to the survey, more than 70% of participants aged 18-24 use several search channels along with search engines. And one in five, aged 18 to 34, announced three or more ways to resolve the request. Classical search engines still occupy an important place as a way of searching on the Internet, but it is noticeable that the solution of search problems is already beyond the scope of one channel. In the future, this trend will intensify.
Source: Yandex press release


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