Yandex vaccinates drivers and couriers of its services (Yandex Go, Food, Shop, Market and Delivery) in Moscow at special coronavirus vaccination points based on Moscow taxi companies and courier centers.

Yandex will vaccinate drivers and couriers of its services

The points will be mobile to cover the entire city as much as possible. According to Yandex, 7 vaccination points have already opened on 23 June. The costs of organizing them and paying for the work of the medical staff were covered by Yandex.

Point addresses may change regularly to ensure that the vaccination program covers all areas of the city as much as possible.

Vaccination with Sputnik V will be free of charge, but before vaccination, the driver or courier will need to present a valid Yandex.Pro account.

As a reminder, in Yandex.Market will appear overall rating for all stores in the business account.

A source: The Bell


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