Yandex.Metrica now has goals for collecting statistics on Jivo online chats on the site. Jivo users can use automatic goals: Metrica will independently recognize the message to the operator and record it in statistics.

The system determines as target and records four types of actions in statistics:

  1. A site visitor opened a chat and wrote to the operator: autogoal “Start chat by client”.
  2. The visitor wrote to the chat when the operators were not online: auto target “Offline message”.
  3. The visitor wrote to the operator in response to the automatic invitation: autogoal “Auto invite to chat”.
  4. The visitor responded to the operator when he manually started the dialogue: autogoal “Manual invitation to chat”.

Advertisers who have no active goals in their counter or who have registered a new counter do not need to configure anything – automatic goal creation will work by default.

In other cases, you need to enable the “Automatic targets” option in the counter settings:

Auto target setting in Ya.Metrica

Jivo auto targets can be added to reports and used in Direct campaigns to improve ad performance.

The new option will help to solve the following tasks:

  • determine which channels the chat calls are coming from: to do this, you need to add auto targets to the report on traffic sources;
  • gather an audience of users who show interest, but do not dare to buy: such users can be shown ads with a special offer;
  • return users who did not find consultants online.

To track more events in online chat, you can manually configure other types of goals. For more information on setting up such goals, see help Jivo.

As a reminder, in April 2021 Yandex.Metrica began to recognize six types of goals: “Click on the phone number”, “Click on the email address”, “Submit the form”, “Go to the messenger”, as well as “Search the site” and “Download files”.

A source: Yandex.Metrica blog


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