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Yandex.Metrica launched end-to-end analytics | SEO Market News: May 27, 2021

Yandex.Metrica added end-to-end analytics, with which you can now combine site metrics with paid orders from CRM and track advertising ROI.

This will help business owners evaluate how online advertising across different channels affects actual sales.

As a CRM, you can use popular systems, for example amoCRM, Bitrix24, 1C. As well as self-written solutions and even content management systems – 1C-Bitrix, InSales, WordPress and others.

For Direct, Market, Google Ads and Facebook, there are already ready-made integrations in the familiar and convenient Metrica interface. Now a connector to amoCRM has been added to them. For other CRM systems, data can be connected via API. You can use the tool for free in the Metrica interface. More on this in integration documentation.

Metric already has expense report and ROI – it shows which traffic source is more efficient. But if earlier it was possible to compare advertising indicators mainly by online conversions, now Metrica takes into account paid orders too.

How to use analytics

Compare the ROI and efficiency of advertising channels. To do this, Metrica has two analytical tools.

In the Sources, Costs, and ROI report, you can choose how to estimate:

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  • ROI (return on investment) will help you understand how much each invested ruble brings.
  • DRR (ad spend share) will show how much of ad spend is accounted for by the revenue generated.

Based on these metrics, you can decide which ads are worth investing more in, which ones should be optimized, and which ones are better to stop. This is how it looks in the interface:

Payback can be assessed by ROI or DRR – they are equivalent

In the Sources of Orders report, you can compare the effectiveness of all advertising channels in terms of ad spend.

Exclude unpaid or test orders from statistics. In Metrica, you will be able to see the number of created, paid, canceled and spam orders. By transferring this data from CRM to Metrica, you will see statistics for each group of orders in the reports and evaluate the ROI more transparently – only taking into account the profit.

For end-to-end analytics, you also need to pass the ad spend data. Read how to do this in Help.

Yandex will tell you more about end-to-end analytics on June 11 at webinar.

A source: Yandex blog

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