Yandex.Market wants to get a license to sell drugs

Yandex.Market plans to obtain a pharmaceutical license. This was announced by the director of GR projects Maxim Agarev at the session of the discussion club “PROJECTIONS OF THE FUTURE”.

Yandex.Market is planning to deliver medicines

Maxim Agarev, director of GR projects:

Yandex needs a license for several reasons. First, it will allow the company to legitimize itself in the pharmaceutical legal field. Secondly, it will give us the opportunity to open our own pharmacies, from which we could deliver drugs. It is not a fact that Yandex will do this, but such a right will appear. In theory, these could be the points from where the courier delivers the drugs. We are studying this option.

Yandex.Market is not going to limit itself to the OTC segment. The company plans to apply for an experimental legal regime that allows the delivery of prescription drugs.

Recall Yandex will vaccinate drivers and couriers of their services.

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