Yandex.Market began to transfer stores that operate on the FBY, FBY + and FBS models to a single catalog. This is a new assortment management scheme on the Market.

What opportunities will the partners have after the transition:

  • New products will reach the storefront in 2 days

When adding a product to the catalog without a card, in most cases the service will automatically create a base card for it in two days. For this, the name, barcode, description and photograph will be enough. And then you can make a delivery or transfer data about the balances – and start selling on the Market.

  • Clear statuses of goods and cards

In order to make it easier to understand what is happening with goods and cards, clear statuses and filters have been added. You can see directly in the catalog which products are on sale and which are not – and for what reason. It is convenient to do the same with cards: filter goods by the presence or absence of a card and determine whether it can be edited or not.


  • No need to upload products again for a new store

Products that a partner adds to any store in their business account fall into a single database for this account. From there it is easy to add them to another store: all at once, only a part or one at a time. At the same time, most of the information about each product will be common to all stores. But the price and other terms of sale can be changed when adding an item to a new store.

  • You can transfer assortment, prices and stocks in one file

You no longer need to use separate files to update information about products, prices and stocks. To update information about goods, prices and stocks, now one file with an assortment is enough. You can upload an Excel file based on a template, or a YML file based on the Market rules.

Stores will be transferred to a single catalog in batches within a month – each connected store will receive a notification letter.

More about the new assortment management – in Help.

A source: Yandex Market


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