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Yandex.Market added viewing of three-dimensional models of goods to the application

Yandex.Market has added to its application the ability to view three-dimensional product models in augmented reality (AR) mode.

Users will now be able to view products from all angles before purchasing and see how the products fit into their surroundings. For example, in this way it will be possible to estimate the real dimensions of a smartphone or find out how well a dark refrigerator will fit into the interior of an apartment.


In order to use the new function, in the product card, you need to click on the yellow circle with a cube inscribed in it. This will open a 3D view of the product. Then you can choose to freely rotate the 3D model on a white background or see how the product looks in the environment in augmented reality mode.

Selecting AR view turns on the smartphone camera. It is enough to point her to the right place in the apartment and wait a few seconds – the application will embed a three-dimensional model of the product into the space on the screen. After that, you can move the phone and see how the product looks from different angles in a real interior, the company notes.

The company used Apple’s Object Capture technology to develop the new capability. It allows you to independently create three-dimensional models of objects from their photographs from different sides.

Any partner seller can add 3D and AR viewing to their products. To do this, it is enough to send ready-made product models created through Object Capture to the marketplace, or send photos so that the service prepares the models itself. Both the market accepts through feedback form… Sent models and photos will be moderated.

The new feature is still working in the iOS app, but soon it will also appear in the Android version.
A source: Rusbase

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