Yandex.Direct now has a strategy “Target share of advertising costs”, which allows online stores and marketplaces to pay only a certain fixed percentage for the user’s achievement of a goal, for example, a purchase.

Other Russian players do not have similar public strategies. Yandex introduces it for the first time.

Most often, promotion costs are included in the cost of goods. The new strategy allows advertisers to spend no more than this pledged amount.


For example, for an online store with a large assortment of goods on the site, the order value can vary from 2,000 to 10,000 rubles. The seller has included in the cost of goods on the site about 10% for promotion.

The new strategy in Yandex.Direct will bring conversions and will maintain the target share of advertising costs at 10% of the price of the goods that the user has bought. Payment is made only upon the conversion. Accordingly, advertising costs will be 200 or 1,000 rubles.

How to setup

To use the strategy, the advertiser needs to set up in Yandex.Direct the percentage that he is ready to spend on promotion and choose the most suitable format in which it is convenient to transfer data about purchases from the site to the system, for example, set up e-commerce on the site, API in Metrica, or «Default income» for Metrica purposes.

The system will automatically collect data on the dynamic income of the store and calculate the investment in advertising not exceeding the specified percentage.

This strategy is especially useful for smart banner campaigns or dynamic ads where many products are being advertised at once.

Source: Yandex press release


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