Yandex contested the initiation of an antitrust case on the use of “sorcerers” in search and asked the court to return the discussion to the stage of executing the warning.

Yandex contested the initiation of a case on the use of

As a reminder, in April the owners of hairdressers and beauty salons complained to the Federal Antimonopoly Service that Yandex uses “sorcerers” to promote the Yandex.Services service. In the same month, FAS aroused case against Yandex for discriminating against third-party services in search.

Yandex explained that “they are ready to openly explain their position and offer on enriched responses to the market within the framework of the requirements that were indicated in the FAS warning, so Yandex initially petitioned to extend the deadline for their implementation.”

Yandex Press Service:

We have filed a claim to appeal against the refusal to extend this deadline. We look forward to further discussion, taking into account the interests of different companies. We are sure that a solution can be found only through dialogue between all parties.

Recall Yandex bought Hypee video editor to develop vertical videos in Zen.

A source: Interfax


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