In Ya.Market, there will be a general rating for all stores in the business account. Customers can now rate orders from any store, regardless of model. From the sum of these ratings, the number of stars on the Market will be calculated.

The rating is the arithmetic average of all ratings for three months that have been tested for cheating and spam. If during this period there were less than five ratings, then the rating is calculated for the entire time.

So far, a single rating is displayed only for ADV and DBS stores, but soon Market visitors will be able to see it for all offers.

How the rating is calculated

The buyer is invited to rate the order – from one to five stars. He can separately note the speed of order processing, delivery, communication with the seller, the quality of the product and its compliance with the description, as well as the state of the original packaging.

Overall rating for all stores in a business account

The new rating will make information about offers on the storefront uniform. The transition to a single rating will be phased.

As a reminder, Yandex.Market has increased the number of points of order acceptance 6 times.

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