Williamson County health director gives update on Monkeypox cases

Williamson County gives update on

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The county’s health director said despite the threat of Monkeypox being fairly low for most residents, it is taking steps to help those highest at risk to be protected.

Amanda Norwood, director and health authority for Williamson County, said the county recorded its first presumed Monkeypox case back in July. The county updates its case count every Wednesday. Currently, there are 11 presumed cases (those are cases not yet confirmed by CDC testing) and 6 confirmed cases.

“Thankfully, in Williamson County, we haven’t seen extraordinarily high numbers, but we certainly do have Monkeypox in the county,” said Norwood.

Norwood said Williamson County’s positive cases have reflected similar results in the United States. She said a majority of those catching the virus locally belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

While Monkeypox is impacting the queer community hardest, for now, Norwood said the public needs to stay aware of possible symptoms if they do become exposed.

“Anyone who comes into contact with that increased exposure risk, that prolonged intimate contact, we all run that same risk,” said Norwood.

Norwood said now that the vaccine criteria are broader, any county resident that thinks they meet these standards should reach out to get the shot.

“We’re happy to walk them through it,” said Norwood.

Norwood said the county is offering vaccines for those that meet vaccination criteria. Last month, national leaders expanded requirements to not only those exposed to the virus, but men with multiple same-sex partners, and those at high risk of exposure.

Norwood encourages people to contact the Williamson County and Cities Health District at 512-943-3600.

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