Why your Online Small Business Needs a Blog and, How blogging can help your business grow,  Let’s start with the details. businesses that blog create 69% more leads than businesses who don’t. In the age of quick information, not blogging means missing out on the best real estate online.

Blogging grants you to connect directly with your client, improving your ability, and locate you as an expert in your field. By producing fresh new content, you’ll keep people coming back to your website, and those that do will be one step closer to the end of their buying cycle.

Make trust with your brand and lead conversions. Your Business has something to say. Blogging ensures it’s heard loud and clear.

This post is about why your small business needs a blog. Now, our blog has changed our business. The reason is that we were able to drastically increase our ROI return on investment from all the customers who signed up, we brought them back to our blog, we brought them back.

So we started sending this daily newsletter that brought our clients back to our website. And even after they paid after they started purchasing, it kept us in their minds. So they thought about us every day. And if customers think of you, you’re gonna make a lot of money.

So our blog was instrumental to our success and was critical to our success in this post as the four reasons why you need it. And it has five tips, how to have a really successful blog?
So here we go. The four reasons why your business needs a blog,

4 Reasons Why your Online Small Business Needs a Blog

Follow these amazing tips and quickly grow your online small business to make passive income

#1. Bring Back Signed Up Visitors

signed up visitors

Brings back signed up visitors and even existing customers, you can bring them back. So let’s say people sign up for your website, and you have their emails, but

how do you bring them back?

how do you keep your paying customers thinking of you every day?

you can email them every day and say, Hey, are you interested in paying, you can’t do this, because you can’t say the same thing every day. But by writing articles that they’re interested in, you can send them a newsletter every single day. When I asked one of my early, early friends,

who was very successful, he was making millions and millions of dollars. And blogging was the key to their success. He said, just write content that they want to know about and send it to him every day.
Because I was surprised I thought maybe twice a week, he said to send it every day.

So now we send a newsletter seven days a week because it’s so helpful. And it keeps us in their minds. So that way you can bring back signed up customers who didn’t pay you. And you can bring back paying customers and be on the top of their minds. That’s why they’ll pay you.

#2. Look Like an Authority in Your space

authority space

So your company’s meaning will look like an authority in your space. If you’re writing smart, sophisticated, valuable blogs about the topics. And again, in sales. If you look like an authority, you get trust. By having trust, you get the money. So the authority leads to trust, having trust leads to sales. That’s why it’s valuable.

#3. Perfect For Social Media

So you can take the same blog, you write and just distribute it on social media. That means you don’t have to come up with images, ideas, nothing to bolster your social media, just your blog link, the title, and the link, and it bring them back to your blog, very valuable. You can also promote your business using a video marketing strategy.

#4. Turn Readers Into Customers

turn reader into customer

Now that’s valuable in two ways. Two ways, one, because you can capture the emails, make sure to find someone’s blog, who is very successful, just find a very successful company. And what they usually do is four things.

Number One: is they have strategically placed everywhere to subscribe, like if you enjoy our best newsletter, this blog, subscribe here because that way they capture emails of new people.

So let’s say a person searches in that blog and comes up, they visit the blog, but then they have these CTA calls to action everywhere kind of place to capture the email of that person to bring them back.

Number Two: The thing that we’ll have is they’ll have the actual CTA to go pay on the website. So one is basically to capture the lead right to capture that email. And the second thing is to actually get them to pay.

So you will see strategic placements, like are you interested in learning this about the data, start here now bow, but that allows them to pay. So they’ll put a strategic CTA on how to capture the email, and then they’ll put a strategic CTA on how to get the client to pay on the blog.

And the way you can do this, just find one company that was very successful who’s doing this, you’ll see these two things, capturing emails and the like, from us. For example, we capture emails, I think at least like five spots.

We have five different ways and places where we capture emails on the blog, and then we have at least three actions for a customer to pay in different places, at least three to pay. So those are the four reasons why your business needs a blog.

It changed our business because of your ROI, right. Let’s say if you’re spending $1 per email lead or $10 per customer, but then if you capture the email and send them this blog every day, your ROI will be much higher because you’ll get a lot more of the customers to pay more money.

And you’ll even get the unpaid more unpaid customers to pay you money again. So those are the four reasons now I have tips for you. I’ve six tips on how to have a successful blog.

Focus on what your target audience wants to read and would search for. So what were they searching for whatever business you’re in? What will your target audience search for, and write that number to blog as often as possible? Remember, my friend was making millions of dollars with content a year, he’s making millions and millions of dollars.

And he said, send it to them every day, we send it to them every day because they love it. And actually, the rare you send it, the higher the unsubscribe rates you have. So if people hear from you every day, it’s normal. But if you send it rarely, you’ll have higher unsubscribe rates.

Number three: The quality of quantity. Now, if you can’t write a lot of blogs, don’t I have a story for you about this? When we first started, we hired college, college students who were interns and they wrote our blogs from home. Of course, we approved all the topics we approved the articles after they posted it, but they wrote it.

We didn’t write it. The college students who were interns wrote it. And then eventually I wanted to have a lot more content. I didn’t want to have like, one blog a day, I wanted to have a lot. So then I had this intern hire like 10 interns for her. So this one lead intern was managing 10 interns who were all writing blogs.

But then what I noticed they were writing the worst of the worst blogs, I said, these are the worst. So we stopped that strategy. So again, remember, you can hire college students to write your topics,

You just have to tell them exactly what type of topics you like, how to write it, like what type of structure you follow, and greenlight it until they earn enough of your trust where then you can let them do it on their own. So quality over quantity

Number four: You have to capture leads on a blog. If you don’t know how to optimize your blog, you know, like where to put it, where to see what really successful blogs look like, and just do that.

Number five: See comparison ideas. How do you get ideas about what to write, write, like? What good things to write, find out people in your space who offer your service, your service was very successful.

You can just look at their blogs for ideas, what are they writing about? That’s what your customers are searching for. So use competitor’s blogs for ideas on topics. And number six, I can’t stress number six enough focus on actionable solutions.

Don’t have a blog about fluff, don’t have a blog by just ranting or talking actionable solutions. That way people can read your blog and take action because it’s so helpful. So focus on actionable solutions on your blog. Again. So those are the tips. Those are the four reasons why your online small business needs a Blog. And those are the five tips I have for you.

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