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Where to buy the iPad Air 5: preorders go live today for Apple’s newest tablet

With preorders going live today, we can show you where to buy the iPad Air 5 if you want to reserve one ahead of the March 18 release date. Apple’s newest tablet might see something of a rush for stock at launch, so you’ll want to act fast if you’re ready for the upgrade straight away.

Apple being Apple, the new Air isn’t technically called iPad Air 5, although some retailers will call it that, or perhaps iPad Air (2022) or iPad Air 5th-gen in order to distinguish it from the previous model. With a very similar visual design though, you’ll want to be sure you’re looking at the correct model. The best way to make sure you’re buying the new 5th-generation iPad Air is to check the processor in the specs part of the product description. The new Apple iPad Air carries an M1 processor, whereas the older 2020 4th-gen model has an A14 Bionic processor. M1 new. A14 old.

Apple will likely discontinue the 4th-gen model, removing it from the official Apple store to avoid confusion. Retailers will be selling off stock of the previous model for a while though, so you’ll want to stay sharp. Speaking of retailers, let’s get stuck in and show you which stores to keep an eye on today to buy the iPad Air 5 during the preorder phase and if you do reserve one, be sure to protect it with one of the best iPad Air 5 cases .

Where to buy the iPad Air 5

  • Amazon US, The biggest store of them all is usually a bit sleepy with getting its landing pages ready ahead of time for Apple products, so you might have to keep refreshing a search query closer to 8am ET to get the 5th-gen models of the iPad Air pre -orders to pop. This will be a popular site to pick one up though thanks to many buyers taking advantage of Prime delivery.
  • B&H Photo, Stock for iPad Air 5 pre-orders of all colors and capacities is primed on the site and set to go live at 8am ET.
  • Best Buy: The iPad Air 5preorder pages came online nice and early and we can see the store currently has listings for all the available colors in both 64GB and 256GB capacities.
  • Walmart: We’re still waiting for the new iPad Air 5 listings to appear here, but that could change at any moment.
  • Apple, Will surely have plenty of stock at first, but as the main outlet it could sell out sooner than retailers too. This will be the very last place to find any sort of discount, but there is an option to add a free engraving on the back. Bear in mind though, this could affect future trade-in value at some stores.

Over in the UK, most stores outside of Apple haven’t starting listing the iPad Air 5 just yet, but we’ll keep an eye on the following for your best chance of bagging one:

What is the iPad Air 5 price?

In the US, the 64GB iPad Air 5 costs $599 ($749 for 5G cellular model) and the 256GB iPad Air is $749 ($899 for 5G cellular). Head on over to the UK and the 64GB version is £569 (£719 for the 5G cellular model) while 256GB of storage will cost £719 (£869 5G cellular).

What colors does the iPad Air 5 come in?

Both the 64GB and 256GB versions are available in Space Grey, Starlight, Pink, Purple, or Blue. Starlight (what’s wrong with you, Apple?) is a whiteish color with a warmer hue to it, a bit champagne if you will, but not quite gold.

Are there any discounts on the iPad Air 5?

You’ll likely be waiting a few weeks, possibly months, before any discounts on the newest Apple devices. If you like the look of the iPad Air 5 and don’t mind waiting a while, then you might find the best deals are reserved for the Black Friday iPad deals in November. We’ll keep you posted of any deals before then of course here at iMore as we hate paying MSRP just as much as anyone.

How about other iPad deals?

If you want to weigh up the iPad Air 5 preorder price against the other iPads, we’ve rounded up the latest deals on the base iPad, iPad Pros, Mini, and the older Air below.

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