WhatsApp makes major changes to calls section: WhatsApp has released a new beta update, which adds a new user interface for calls as well as a new feature for group calls. As you can see, iOS beta users will now see a new user interface when they place or receive a call on the messaging app. As per the screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo, the new interface looks quite similar to the one seen on Apple’s Facetime app.

The new interface now makes it easier for users to quickly find the options that a user may be looking for during a call. There is also a Ring button at the bottom of the screen. The latest WhatsApp beta version also allows you to join group calls that you might have missed.
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So, if someone invites you to join a group call, and you aren’t able to join in at that moment, you will be able to join the next time you open WhatsApp, if the call hasn’t ended. When you open the call sections in the messaging app, you will see a “Tap to join” label below an ongoing video call.

Currently, the new feature is only available for iOS users and it will soon be made available for Android beta testers too. This is a much-needed feature, which a lot of users will appreciate as there are times when you are not able to receive a call and when you are available, you can’t join.

If you haven’t received this feature yet, then you should get it in the coming days. “WhatsApp is rolling out these features today, be patient to see them enabled for your WhatsApp account,” WaBetaInfo said.


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