What facilities do you get with InterServer Hosting?

If you have one like the other Website Or if you want to become a new website, then you will definitely need good hosting. that’s because Website There is a need to host with the help of anyone hosting plan. Although there are many hosting companies in the market, today the name of the hosting company we will know about is InterServer and What facilities do you get with InterServer Hosting?

InterServer is a very popular hosting provider company. Not only this, but this company is very popular among the people due to its excellent services continuously for the last 20 years. So that’s why today I thought why not you people will know about what is InterServer and what are its plans. So without delay let’s start.

What is InterServer?

InterServer a very popular web hosting service That provides hosting plans with great features, functionalities, and low prices. You can consider InterServer as an ideal web hosting WordPress site.

Its plans are so affordable that you can enjoy its unlimited storage, transfer, email, and free SSL certificates, and also you can easily maintain up to 20 websites. With this, you can also get the facility of many single-clicks installs for more than 100 scripts, which you can use in WordPress, Prestashop, Cubecart, Magenta, and osCommerce, etc.

Features of InterServer

InterServer The uptime is around 100%, which is rarely seen among other web hosting services. This platform uses an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol, which enables the closest to route traffic. backbone to the provider, so that the speed can be increased effectively and also latency can also be reduced.

This happens that the company does not overload its servers so that the speed of the sites located in it is harmed. With InterServer, you have access It takes more resources so that when you use your servers, the service automatically maintains itself and its servers, which is only up to the capacity of about 50%. Due to this their server does not get overloaded.

Apart from this, the VPS plans of their service are very similar. are customizable, so that you can use the right operating system, software, control panels, and CPU power according to you. The best part is that vendors charge you only for the things you have to use.

InterServer Uptime And Reliability

InterServer offers a 100% power uptime guarantee on collocation and a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all its VPS plans.

But if you are an Indian user then you must Hostgator web Hosting. You can use it because it is much better than this and you also get Indian Server in it.

InterServer runs its own data center in New Jersey and also rents a facility in California. This data center is equipped with many features such as UPS power, fire suppression, biometric locks, raised floors, overhead air conditioning, and HVAC.

InterServer Features

Now let us know which features you get in InterServer.

  • in this, your Easy-to-use control panel Is obtained.
  • In this, more than 406 1-click install scripts are available.
  • At the same time, you get many cloud-based hosting solutions in this.
  • Unlimited storage and transfer service are available.
  • Wherein Reseller hosting is also available.
  • VPS and Cloud Hosting service is also available.
  • They have dedicated servers which is good for you.
  • Quick servers
  • A facility like co location is also available.

InterServer Hosting Plans Price

Now let us know what type of hosting plans you get in InterServer.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Price Storage Bandwidth No. of IP addresses
$5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

VPS Hosting Plans

Type Price Storage Bandwidth RAM
Linux Cloud VPS $6/month 25 GB 1 TB 1024 MB
Windows Cloud VPS $10/month 25 GB 1 TB 1024 MB

Dedicated Server Plans

Type Price Storage Bandwidth RAM
Linux Cloud VPS $6/month 25 GB 1 TB 1024 MB
Windows Cloud VPS $10/month 25 GB 1 TB 1024 MB

cPanel for InterServer

Interserver offers cPanel that too on Linux plans. This is a paid add-on that also comes with VPS packages and you get the right Linux distribution that also has to be used.

Whereas in its host you are offered Directadmin. Whereas but Windows servers are not provided to you with a control panel.

What are the Advantages of Using InterServer Hosting?

Now let us know more about the advantages of using InterServer Hosting.

  • In this, users get to choose affordable packages
  • there in you Scalable There is also an opportunity to choose VPS hosting plans
  • In this, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee that too on shared hosting plans.
  • Wherein you have any long-There are no term contracts or exit fees
  • Along with this, you also get excellent customer support.


it was Complete information about InterServer Hosting. What I liked the most is that this service is working properly for the last many years and I want you to visit this website and see their plans once.

If you have any queries in your mind, then definitely tell me about this topic in the comments section below. I would be very happy to help you.

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