Snapchat has published a new report which  highlights its unique reach to younger audiences, which also underlines  the platform’s value as a messaging and interaction app

with the majority of Snapchat users primarily relying on the app to keep in touch, over other key messaging platforms.

Snapchat partnered with GWI for the new  study, which looks at how often Snapchat users open other apps, and  which apps they rely on, on a daily basis, for their social and  engagement activity.

The data shows that 51% of daily Snapchatters aged 16 and over don’t use TikTok every day, while 67% don’t log onto Twitter at the same rate.

That’s interesting, especially considering  TikTok’s rise, and its popularity among younger audiences. You would  think that there would be a strong crossover here,

but the data shows that Snapchat users  remain aligned to the app – which could also be a vote of confidence in  its own Spotlight short-form video feed.

If people are getting their TikTok-type fix on Snap (or indeed any other app), that justifies this type of replication, so even if you think it’s a cheap tactic to copy a competitor, if it works…