Riot Games and SoLA Impact’s I CAN Foundation have opened a tech and gaming center in poverty-stricken South Los Angeles.

It’s an example of doing good in your own backyard, and it was made possible with a social impact contribution of more than $2 million from Riot Games

The 14,000-square-feet tech and gaming center will provide free educational instruction to the community of South Los Angeles

said Sherri Francois, SoLa Impact’s Chief Impact Officer and Executive  Director of the SoLa I CAN Foundation, in an interview with GamesBeat.  

It all started with a pitch that the group made in 2018. Last year, they  met with the founders of Riot Games, Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, and  that led to the donation to the nonprofit group.

“The need for tech training was so vast that we thought we’ve got  commercial space, we know that we can align with great partners.

“We started having conversations around the incredible tech desert of  South LA and talking to schools, parents, students,” said  Francois.