The J. Paul Getty Museum announced Thursday that it will return  several objects to Italy after discovering they were illegally  excavated.

On the return list is the Sculptural Group of a Seated Poet and Sirens, also known as Orpheus and the Sirens.

Per Getty’s policy to return stolen or illegally excavated items back to their country of origin or modern discovery

the museum has removed the extremely fragile, life-size terracotta  figures from public view and will transport them to Rome in September.

There, the Orpheus sculptures will join collections designated by the Ministry of Culture. The Getty and independent scholars also determined it is appropriate to return the following items

“Thanks to information provided by Matthew Bogdanos and the Antiquities  Trafficking Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicating  the illegal excavation of Orpheus and the Sirens

we determined that these objects should be returned,” Timothy Potts,  Maria Hummer-Tuttle and Robert Tuttle director of the Getty Museum, said  in a news release.