Crypto Secures A Place In The African American Saga

“They can enable the Black community to lift itself up in the philosophical sense of Black empowerment.”

February is Black History Month, and it’s worth recounting that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have already had a significant impact on the African-American community. 

Peoples of color own cryptocurrencies at consistently higher levels than white people, surveys show,

while anecdotal evidence suggests crypto has also unleashed a wave of innovation and entrepreneurial energy in the Black community

from New York City’s new mayor converting his first paycheck into crypto to basketball star Kevin Durant launching a new special-purpose acquisition company to focus on cryptocurrencies

And all this may just be scratching the surface. “Blockchain has the potential to be a beacon of light in the story of Black economic empowerment,”

Marco Lindsey, associate director of diversity, equity and inclusion at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, told Cointelegraph. 

It’s sometimes forgotten, after all, that 1.7 billion people globally remain unbanked, underbanked or lack access to traditional financial systems