The world is changing faster than  ever, and all businesses are having to adapt to the speed and reach of  that change. Although change brings many opportunities,

it also presents new risks. As  insurers, we are responsible for helping our broker partners and their  customers prepare for the future and support our mutual success.  

With this year’s BIBA theme being  “our business community”, it’s the ideal time to reflect on how insurers  and brokers combine expertise to deliver the best customer outcomes. 

Now more than ever, success is reliant on strong relationships and  partnerships. While these relationships have always been important 

in recent years, their significance has really come to the fore.  Collaboration is key and finding the best ways of working together is  essential to cementing these relationships. 

Developing the hybrid model that works for all parties creates the basis  of a successful working relationship of the insurer-broker team.  

Understanding new and evolving risk and anticipating change should also be a priority when it comes to delivering to customers.