Do you do traffic and analytics? Are you working for the international market and looking for ways to grow? Come to the Globalize offline conference! at the end of July get valuable insights and connect with the best in the industry, We invite you to the Globalize conference

Globalize conference

In a program:

  • Presentations and analysis of real cases from speakers working at the forefront of international marketing from top companies (Google, AppsFlyer, Aitarget, Angle Connect, TikTok, OWOX, SHAREit, Httpool, Tribuna, FBS, SportQuake, LCFC).

In reports:

  1. How to efficiently and cost-effectively scale and automate advertising campaigns in Apple Search Ads using scripts.
  2. How to automate regular creative updates and testing in targeted ads.
  3. How to work with cross-device attribution in web and mobile-based on the best practices from the fintech industry.
  4. How to segment users by their behavior and analyze channels based on segments.
  5. How conformance strategy works in Google Ads and how to launch performance campaigns with video.
  6. Unique mechanics of interaction with the SHAREit audience for growth in new markets.
  7. Best Practices for User Acquisition and Twitter Remarketing Campaigns.
  8. Top causes of discrepancies in marketer reports and how to avoid them.
  9. How to do situational marketing in sports based on the different success stories of
  10. How to attract and retain traffic through partnerships with football clubs. Real cases and weak points.


FBS is an international fintech company that acts both as a Forex broker and as a developer of investment and trading tools.

For 12 years, the FBS team has been developing software products for an international broker. From January 1, 2020, the company is the official partner of FC Barcelona, ​​and from August 2021 it will become the official sponsor of FC Leicester.

Who is the conference for experienced traffic managers, cosmetologists, herpetologists, internet marketers, and analysts working in the international market?

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