The platform has launched a service for the automation of dynamic creatives (DCO) on the external applications showcase of the myTarget advertising platform – myTarget App Marketplace. It allows advertisers to quickly and easily create groups of customized images for different ad formats and optimize their display using machine learning algorithms.

To create creatives in Vinstant, you need to upload the original ad elements:

  • Images;
  • Key messages;
  • Prices.

Using the provided materials, the system generates templates and adapts them to different sizes and technical requirements of the advertising platform. In the “Testing” section, you can immediately see how different ad formats will look and quickly make changes.

Currently, the development of creatives is available for the following ad formats myTarget: carousel, HTML5 banners and multi-format. Advertisers will be able to complement creatives and manage campaigns in the service, as well as upload finished ads and campaign results to the myTarget ad cabinet.

With the help of the new service, you can not only create hundreds of different creatives, but also automatically optimize their display. uses its own AI algorithms to optimize ads based on click-through rates (CTR) and increase conversion rates (CR). Creatives are composed of fixed and dynamic elements. The system converts ads based on display statistics and broadcasts the most effective options to campaigns. Display optimization is also available for Bumper Ads and pre-roll video formats.


When working with, advertisers do not have to conclude additional contracts – all calculations are made through the service cabinet in the myTarget App Marketplace.

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