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Using Data To Optimize Your Health

Marketing Podcast with Patrick Samy

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Patrick Samy. Patrick is the CEO and Co-Founder of Span Health, a platform and coaching program for data-driven health.

Key Takeaway:

Because research and data are more and more easily available today, a lot of people are beginning to question the typical western medical practice. This ease of information has many people trying to control their own destiny when it comes to their health.

Patrick Samy was confronted with conflicting advice and a lack of support from his doctor and dietitian, he quickly realized that most medical professionals often lack crucial time to avoid using dietary guidelines as a one-size-fits-all. This most often results in medical professionals relying more on medication for long-term management. His personal journey drove his passion to find a solution to this very problem that he and many others face. And this is how Health Span was created. Health Span is a data-driven health coaching platform that uses your data to help you maximize your health performance. In this episode, Patrick shares his entrepreneurial journey and the story of the inception of Health Span.

Questions I Ask Patrick Samy:

  • [0:49] What’s been your entrepreneurial journey to this point to co-founding Span Health?
  • [4:48] Was there a particular aha moment or time in your life or that made you want to tackle this idea around the topic of health or was it just personal interest?
  • [9:48] Is the idea of controlling your own destiny with your health versus seeking medical help a big part of what you’re trying to tap in?
  • [12:35] How does somebody work with a health coach at Span Health?
  • [19:35] What would you advise for people that don’t get up and walk around for a job?

More About Patrick Samy:

More About The Duct Tape Consultant Network:

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