Twitter is reportedly working on new features. The microblogging site is soon expected to offer a tweet reaction picker and an option to “unmention yourself” from any tweet. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who is known for revealing app features before they are announced, has shared a screenshot on Twitter showing the reaction picker feature.

The image shows that users will get five different emojis to choose from. These include ‘Like,’ ‘Cheer,’ ‘Hmm,’ ‘Sad,’ and ‘Haha,’ as per an image shared by Wong. The leak suggests that the emojis for ‘Hmm,’ and ‘Haha’ reactions will look like the ones offered by Facebook. The other three seem to have hearts, which could be just placeholders for now.

As of now, it is unknown as to when this feature will be released for everyone. Apart from the tweet reaction picker feature, Twitter is also testing a new privacy feature that will allow you ‘unmention yourself’ from a tweet they have been mentioned in.

A Twitter engineer, Dominic Camozzi, posted a series of tweets explaining the new privacy feature. One of the tweets revealed that if you are not following the individual who mentioned you, then you’ll get a special notification. You can then “unmention yourself” from there.

But, once you do the tweet author will not be able to mention you again. The cited source asserted that this feature is an early concept to help users control unwanted attention on Twitter. As you can see, the “Unmention Yourself” option will be visible in the three-dotted menu and it will remove the link to your profile from the concerned tweet.

Users will also get a separate option to restrict certain accounts or all accounts from mentioning you. If you don’t want anyone to mention you for a few days, then you can do that as well. For this, Twitter will give three options, including “one day,” “three days,” or “seven days.”


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