Twitter Will Showcase Super Bowl Prediction Tweets on the Roof of SoFi Stadium in New Promo Push

Twitter’s set to continue its tradition of unique Super Bowl promotions, this time through a new activation which will see selected tweets showcased, in wide-screen, across the roof of SoFi Stadium.

As you can see in this example, Twitter’s Super Bowl push will see tweeted predictions about Super Bowl LVI displayed across SoFi’s amazing LED roof. That will enable regular Twitter users to get their name up in lights, and have their Twitter handle projected to the world for all to see. Well, all of those in a helicopter, I guess.

SoFi stadium also has a range of digital screens inside the facility as well, so the chosen tweets will likely be displayed internally and externally. And that could give fans a huge boost, seeing their name on the big screen, with Twitter putting out a call for predictions here in order to potentially be featured.

As noted, Twitter is gradually building a tradition of innovative Super Bowl promotions. Over the last two years, Twitter has printed people’s tweets onto the confetti which has rained down on the winning players at the end of the game.

Last year’s iteration of this push included messages of thanks for frontline workers, amid the ongoing pandemic, adding another angle to the confetti messages.

Twitter has also implemented various team emojis and in-app activations to facilitate Super Bowl discussion, while it’s also long been involved in the NFL media push around the Super Bowl, further solidifying its links to the event.

This new initiative takes things to another level – literally – which will ideally help to further cement Twitter as the place to be for Super Bowl discussion and engagement.

It’s a crucial event for tweet engagement. Throughout this past season, there were more than 4 billion video views on NFL-related tweets, while NFL post-season discussion jumped almost 400% versus the previous regular season.

Given this, it makes sense for Twitter to make a grand gesture in support of the event, and showcasing tweets on one of the biggest screens possible is certainly one way to do just that.

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