Twitter has announced that it will now display ads in Fleets. It seems the microblogging site has found a new way to make money from Fleets. The social media giant has launched a new experiment called Fleet ads, which will bring full-screen, vertical format ads to Twitter for the first time.

“Fleet ads are full-screen billboards for advertisers. Appearing in between Fleets from people who are sharing pictures from the dog park in Fort Funston or video of their morning coffee stroll in Williamsburg, Fleet ads are all about connecting your message with every day,” Twitter’s senior product manager Justin Hoang and global product marketing manager Austin Evers said in a blog post.

The company says “Fleet ads are a space for “brands to be creative: go behind the scenes, have a creator take over your account, or share a hot take.” The ads support images and video in 9:16, and you might see up to 30 seconds videos.

Brands will also get an option to add a “swipe up” call-to-action and they will be given access to standard Twitter ad metrics, including impressions, profile visits, clicks, website visits, and other information. For now, Fleet ads will be visible to a limited group of people in the US on iOS and Android.

Fleets was launched globally in November 2020. It is similar to Instagram Stories and the social media giant introduced this feature after testing it in a few countries. With Fleets, users can share text, respond to others’ tweets, or post videos with the same background colour and overlaid text.

It is important to note that every Fleet you upload exists for only 24 hours. Like Instagram, one will find fleets on the top of the Twitter account, right below the icon.

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