Twitter now lets you limit replies to your old tweets: Twitter has been testing a lot of features to offer users a better experience. The microblogging site has now rolled out a new feature, which allows you to limit who can reply to your old tweets. The company is offering this feature to give users more control over replies to their tweets.

The ability to limit replies was first introduced in 2020. Twitter has expanded this feature and now lets you change who can reply to your tweets after they’ve been posted. Previously, you were only allowed to change who could reply to tweets when they were created, but you couldn’t go in and change your selection after that.

The new feature was first discovered by prolific researcher Jane Manchun Wong in June, and Twitter is now releasing it for all the users who are using the stable version. After posting a tweet, you can simply tap the three-dotted button and a menu will pop up. Here you will find a new “Change who can reply” option.

The company says “a conversation on Twitter can get noisy and hard to follow. For a more meaningful convo experience, you can open replies to everyone, people you follow, or just people you mention” even after a posting tweet.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Twitter if you are not able to spot the new feature in the app. The new update should hit your devices in the coming days. Notably, users who are restricted from replying to your tweets will still be able to view, retweet, retweet with a comment, like and share your tweets.


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