Tips On Growing Your Business With A Branded Call Center Approach

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If you’re seeking ways to heighten your brand’s experience, the branded call center approach can be a great way to start. Emotional branding optimizes your company’s user experience and helps build customer loyalty using culture, user experience, icons and logos. That’s because it has the power to elicit highly emotional reactions in consumers — not only in huge brands like Apple but even in smaller companies. The ultimate objective of emotional branding is to shape how consumers view your company.

Increasingly, more organizations are utilizing yet another approach to their emotional branding toolbox: a call center. As a founder of a dedicated call center services provider, I can tell you that a friendly voice, a knowledgeable guide and a product expert can take the customer experience from good to great. This article goes over things your organization can utilize to see similar results that the best call centers have.

Today’s call center agents can handle most customer encounters.

Why do you think Apple calls its face-to-face tech support center the Genius Bar? Or why Best Buy has an electronics service department in every location called Geek Squad? Today’s call centers take the same approach by using terms like technical agent, in-house specialist, among other terms.

Great call center agents are trained in such a way that they can typically handle any type of situation. How well agents can help a company deal with future consumer interactions completely depends on how well they are trained. While call centers are widely used across many industries, there are many valuable tools that companies fail to take advantage of — tools that could do a lot to improve their business.

Emotional branding is all about communication. It is what your company says about itself. The message you get across should include: what you do, how you do it, how trustworthy you are and how much you care about your customer.

In addition to that, your call center should adopt the following to see the same kind of results of grade A call centers:

1. Agent Training

Having ongoing training in your call center is essential for your agents’ personal development. It’s also even more beneficial for your brand. As a brand, establishing an ongoing learning program for your agents will allow your call center to operate smoothly. It’s not easy to build an emotional connection with consumers if your agents have trouble pacifying callers’ needs.

2. Multiple Customer Touch Points

Enterprises interact with consumers on numerous platforms and on various levels. These interactions are essential aspects of marketing, sales and branding. While advertisements are fundamental to the customer interaction process, they only comprise a single layer of the overall network of touchpoints. A branded call center, on the other hand, is capable of being a source for multiple touchpoints.

3. Simple Yet Effective Scripts

Crafting simple yet effective scripts for various purposes is a must if you want your call center agents to be ready to handle a diversity of customer interactions. The type of language your scripts use depends on your core objectives — from greeting customers, handling difficult customer interactions, closing sales and much more. However, the primary reason for providing agents with scripts is to ensure they comply with not only your policies but federal regulations as well.

4. Empowerment For Agents

Enterprises today understand that delighted customers are oftentimes those who feel the most empowered. The best way to make customers feel empowered is by engaging with them in a timely, efficient and friendly manner. To achieve this and make customers feel empowered, you must first empower your agents. Agent empowerment includes:

• Train agents to deliver their best.

• Create a comfortable and healthy work environment.

• Give agents permission to be flexible.

• Involve agents in decision making and welcome their feedback.

• Offer support and a sense of direction.

• Establish best practices across the call center for coherence.

5. Record Calls For Training Purposes

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology has made it extremely easy for call centers to capture conversations between agents and customers. Legal necessity is at the very top of the list of why every call center should record its inbound and outbound calls. However, it’s important to remember to follow state and federal regulations when recording calls. The second most important reason to record calls is for an insight into how efficient and effective your agents are. Additionally, you will be able to correct bad call habits before they get out of control.

6. Reward Success

You could go about rewarding success in three different ways: highlight team success, reward agents individually or use a combination of both. However, it’s a good idea to choose one or the other by and large. Highlighting team success encourages friendly competition, creating a more cohesive culture of customer care. By rewarding agents individually, they’ll definitely value it more, as it promises to boost their career progression. Which program you choose depends on your call center’s priorities, which are likely to change over time.

Your goal should always be to exceed customer expectations.

Agents should be able to talk on the phone or write an email with “a smile on their faces” and help your customers get excited about booking their next trip or purchasing another product. Properly trained customer service professionals are foundational to enhancing your business and customer experience while transforming complaints into opportunities to create long-term loyalty.

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