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TikTok Launches New Marketing Education Initiative to Help Advertisers Maximize their Opportunities

As it works to maximize its revenue opportunities, TikTok’s launching a new educational initiative in order to help marketers better understand and utilize the various platform features to reach and engage the TikTok audience.

Called Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University, the program will take agency partners and freelance creatives through all aspects of effective TikTok creation.

As explained by TikTok:

“CAP University is a custom learning program that allows enrollees to join the courses they want, customize their learning curriculum based on the agency’s unique areas of growth, and even attend live office hours session with TikTok’s CAP team to further their knowledge and gain an in-depth understanding of the creative possibilities on and off the platform.”

The initial elements available include ‘TikTok: From Briefing to Pitching,’ ‘Concepting & Creating for TikTok,’ ‘Trends and Music Licensing,’ and more.

TikTok CAP University courses

As you can see here, there’s also an element focused on working with TikTok creators, which is a critical building block for the app’s ongoing growth.

Because if TikTok wants its top stars to keep posting, it needs to get them paid – because if it can’t offer equivalent deals to those available in other apps, eventually, it could face a creator revolt, which is what eventually led to Vine’s demise.

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The bottom line is that monetizing short-form video is difficult, because you have far fewer opportunities for ad breaks, or at least for ads that can be directly attributed to a creators’ content.

But TikTok does have a range of avenues for monetization, and it has the attention of many brands. Now it just needs to create an equitable link to fund its key contributors, and branded content deals, ideally, form part of that loop.

The new education program could be a great way to polish up your TikTok knowledge, with direct input from the platform’s own creative team. And if it facilitates new creator connections, all the better for TikTok’s process.

You can check out TikTok’s CAP University Semester 1 courses here.

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