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TikTok Announces Second ‘For You’ Summit for Marketers


TikTok has announced its second ‘For You’ Summit, this time focused on the South East Asian market, which will see it host a range of sessions with platform experts and creators to showcase the latest opportunities for marketers in the app.
TikTok For You Summit

As explained by TikTok:

The new age of entertainment has arrived. Across content, culture and commerce, joy and positivity are key to delivering success for businesses big and small. At TikTok, everyone’s in on the fun – especially brands. In this 70-minute event, learn how TikTok is evolving marketing in the region with the power of joy and entertainment. Join industry leaders and market experts as they reveal success stories from Netflix, McDonald’s, and many more.”

TikTok says the sessions will focus on measurement, content creation and ‘Shoppertainment’

TikTok For You Summit

As noted, this is TikTok’s second For You Summit, with the first being held last July. TikTok’s specifically hoping to build its eCommerce tools and integrations – hence the ‘Shoppertainment’ mention – and there’ll be various insights on the latest usage trends and behaviors in the app to help marketers plan out their tie in campaigns.

Commerce is a key element for TikTok, because right now, its revenue share programs for creators are not all that great. TikTok does have its $500m Creator Fund, as well as tipping and donations, but creators can earn a lot more for their efforts on YouTube or Instagram instead.

But at the same time, TikTok is the trending app of the moment, and with more marketers looking to get in on the action, now is the time for TikTok to capitalize on that interest, and maximize its revenue intake, in order to facilitate more funding and monetization options.   

The For You Summit is another step in that direction, and with South East Asian internet adoption rising, it could become a key growth region for the app.

You can register for next month’s For You Summit here.

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