The US adds six Russian technology firms: On Friday, six Russian companies were added to the Entity List by the US Department of Commerce’s Industry and Security Bureau (BIS).

Companies on the Entity List may not deal with U.S. people. American persons wishing to do business with companies in the Entity List must apply and obtain a BIS permit.

The US adds six Russian technology firms
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The newly designated companies are: Aktsionernoe Obschestvo Pasit, SVA, Aktsionernoe Obschchaestvo AST, Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo Pozitiv Teknologiz, SVA, and Obshchestvo S, Otvetstvenni Ottomansky, Aktsionernoe Obshchesetvo, Ozhchetvo Spezialized Security Computing Devises and Automation (SVA). These companies join other recognized firms, including Huawei and different Xinjiang and Myanmar companies.

By Executive Order 14024, Blocking Property Concerning the Specified Harmful Foreign Activities of the Russian government, published on 15 April 2021, an order designating the abovementioned companies as listed entities was issued.

EO 14024 allows sanctions for involvement in American elections against Russian entities and persons, including government officials. It also provides for penalties for cyber attackers, challenging European energy supply, corruption, and murder. President Biden’s executive order was preceded by previous remarks in his campaign, criticizing the inadequate response of former President Trump to Russian attacks.

US persons wishing to sell to a company listed in the company must apply for a BIS license.

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