The government is developing a new federal program “Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation”, which will require 54 RUB bln

The authorities are developing a program to implant chips in the human brain

The program will focus on the development of “brain-computer” technologies that allow microcomputers to be implanted into the human brain for direct transmission of information from external devices.

Also within the framework of the program, it is planned to create avatars of people and human-technology interfaces to control complex systems (airplanes, nuclear power plants, cars). Interfaces will be developed that will provide “independent formation of goals, assessment of situations, forecasting their development and decision-making” – this will enable people to work in inaccessible places with high radiation or in space.

A working group was created to implement the program. The Ministry of Education and Science reports that the project is in the initial stage of development.

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A source: Kommersant


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