The mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro will soon be listed as vintage

Apple MacBook Pro

Source: Joseph Keller/iMore

Apple’s mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro, the last to sport a DVD drive, will be marked as a vintage product come January 31.

Apple will be adding the device to its list of vintage products within the next two weeks according to a MacRumors report based on an internal memo seen by the site. Apple was selling the mid-2012 MacBook Pro as recently as October 2016.

Apple’s marking of the product as being vintage means that it was last sold more than five years ago — a timeframe which came into play some time ago. However, as the MacRumors report also goes on to note, people might still be able to get these older machines repaired depending on whether parts are available or not.

Apple considers a device vintage once more than five years have passed since it stopped distributing the device for sale. Vintage products used to be ineligible for repairs in most regions, but Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers now offer repairs for vintage products for up to seven years, subject to parts availability.

However, Apple no longer supports these models in terms of software with macOS Big Sur being the last software update to include support for the mid-2012 MacBook Pro. That being said, at almost ten years old there is little arguing that any mid-2012 MacBook Pro hasn’t done well to last this long.

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