The importance of video testimonials for your business

The importance of video testimonials for your business

The importance of video testimonials for your business

Do you want to diversify your communication and bring a new angle to your business strategy? One of the opportunities available to you is the Video Testimonial. This type of video highlights your customers while promoting your business. Today, 88% of consumers trust testimonials on video. So why not get started?

Television, internet and social networks broadcast it regularly and unconsciously reach target customers. Hiring professionals to do testimonial video has become a most popular way for businesses to grab the attention of consumers. But why so much enthusiasm for the audiovisual industry and what are the advantages of video testimony for your business?

Video testimonial: a powerful marketing strategy to attract attention

It is clear that communication goes faster with videos than with writings, and that the audiovisual sector better captures the attention of the public. Therefore, choosing a video testimonial is very advantageous to attract the attention of Internet users, but also to convey emotions about a product or service. By hiring a video testimonial service for your video, your business and your brand will have a better chance of standing out from the crowd.

Reach more customers and more sales with testimonial videos!

If your goal is to excite prospects into customers, then video testimonials are for you. Indeed, they generate a feeling of proximity to the person viewing them and trigger a purchase click. Moreover, the behavior of target customers has changed a lot in recent times. Indeed, before buying a product, we have become accustomed to consulting user reviews before finalizing our purchases. This culture of “social proof” is now an integral part of their purchasing decision. In addition, captivating videos are shared quickly, which has the effect of increasing the visibility of your business with great speed.

Build trust and retain your customers with great video content

The video testimonials are not only used to convert new prospects, they also have the role of customer loyalty. If you want to build a real relationship of trust with them that lasts over time, do not hesitate to work with real professionals. Good video content helps inform your customers, keep them up to date with your services, improvements you are making to their benefits. The video testimony also allows you to value yourself in the difficult world of competition and to show your values.

How to make a powerful video testimonial?

Determine the objectives of the video: Why, how, what message.

Find a good speaker: He should be comfortable in front of a camera (not everyone) and be prepared a few weeks in advance to find him.

Prepare for the interview with specific questions such as: How was your experience? What consequences on your lifestyle? Would you recommend it to someone? If yes/no why? Send all of these questions in advance so the client has time to prepare. Better, however, not to make him read a script, this is easily understood when a testimony is scripted, and it is much less natural!

Make the client comfortable: Tell them a little joke before you start and relax the atmosphere to the max. This will have a real impact on its performance.

Optimize the equipment: Cameras, cameraman, background, different plans, colors, brightness, green background, everything must be set up beforehand.

Plan post-production: Add background music, cut unnecessary moments or “blanks”, adjust: brightness, sound, colors (if necessary)

Post: Here is the most important step! Broadcast on all social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion) and your websites (natively, to keep traffic on your site.

To summarize, the video testimonial constitutes a strategic lever to boost your sales, increase the visibility of your company and retain your customers. Video testimonials also unconsciously reach consumers. To make a real success on the screens and reach a maximum of spectators, realize your video testimony by professionals in this field.

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