Sony launches SRS-NB10 wireless neckband speaker with 20 hours battery life for $149

Sony has released a new 20-hour battery life, Bluetooth 5.1 & over $149 wireless neckband speaker SRS-NB10. Sony presented Sony with a new Sony SRS-NB10 wireless neckband speaker. The SRS-NB10 wireless neckband has various attributes that put it on a strong business forefront.

We spend numerous hours on video and business calls with work from home. Sony invented an over-the-air neckband speaker that should take the earphone blockade out of our ear and add a speaker/microphone around the shoulder for smooth calling and entertainment. When I’ve come back, Sony has developed an over-the-ear ear handset. Designed to support people from home, the SRS-BB10 is light – weighs just 113 g – and comfortable so that the weight and impulse to take it off to damage the ears are not felt.

Sony SRS NB10 – Specification and features

The wireless cuff speaker allows users who move easily, to the telephone, play music, and other sounds. Besides the convenience, battery life, and amusement through high audio performance, the buying of wireless neckband audio devices was increased.

Sony SRS NB10 – Pricing
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The Sony SRS-NB10 can be used as a comfy gadget on the shoulder all day long. It is Bluetooth 5.1 compatible and offers a full bass speaker through a passive radiator (30 meters radius of service).

This means, naturally, that it contains built-in beamforming microphones and Bluetooth ports as well as upward-facing speakers. Sony says it’s very convenient to wear while it has a mute button integrated to increase convenience.

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With 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz, the sound system for the SBC and the AAC codecs includes a wireless neckband speaker. The Sony SRS-NB10 is extremely clear and offers a pleasant call design.

Users can link their equipment to a TV, a smartphone, or an audio source through Bluetooth so that they can enjoy tight audio material during other tasks.

The Sony SRS-NB10 uses voice technology and advanced signal processing that uses a two microphone beam-forming array. A multipoint connection allows you to simultaneously connect to two devices is provided to the Sony Wireless neckband speaker.

Sony SRS NB10 (IN WHITE) – Specification and features
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With its newly launched wireless neckband speaker, Sony boasts that its lengthy battery life promises up to 20 hours of pleasure. A fully filled USB-C is also supported in a few moments. Fast charge.

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The neckband is easy to wear and lightweight (approximately 113 grams). Users obtain 60 minutes of juice with quick loading using the USB-C connector with a charge of 10 minutes.

They also offer multi-point interfaces that allow for the simultaneous connection of two devices such as the laptop and smartphones. The resistance rate of SRS-NB10 is likewise achieved with the IPX4.

In September 2021, the SRS NB10 shall be released at $149.99. While it is not certain whether Sony’s worldwide deployment will make the SRS-NB 10 wireless neckband speaker available from September, we expect that this will eventually reach Sony enthusiasts around the world.

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