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Snapchat Previews Coming Ad Targeting Options to Help Improve Campaign Focus

Snapchat has outlined a range of coming ad targeting options which will provide more focus for your Snap ad campaigns, and also come a critical time in the industry, when data insights are being pared back due to enhanced security and consumer control options.

In a broader post about how to make best use of Snap’s audience insights, Snap has shared that these three new ad targeting options will be made available for in-app campaigns from next year:

  • Content Consumption: Shows what publishers, and content sources your audience is spending the most time with.
  • Camera Usage: Reveals more about how your audience engages with AR Lenses and Filters.
  • Compare Custom Audiences: Dive deeper into traits that are unique to your audience by making comparisons against other custom user groups.

Note that these are internal data points, so they’re not impacted by Apple’s ATT update, nor will they be affected by Google’s coming changes. The insights will be based on usage habits within Snapchat, and will provide more ways to connect with the right audience around their engagement behaviors, interests and more.

And they could be very effective. Snapchat’s original programming has become an increasingly popular element of the app, with its top Discover shows now seeing millions of viewers every month.

Snapchat Discover performance

That could make targeting users based on content consumption a powerful means to reach the right audience, while new insights into AR usage could also help drive better decisions around reach, and potential investment into your own AR campaigns.

Which Snap is also looking to make easier through its updated Creator Marketplace, which facilitates connection with Lens creators who can help formulate branded AR campaigns in the app.

Snapchat Creator Marketplace

The capacity to compare your audience data could also reveal new opportunities, and it’ll be interesting to see how, exactly, these new tools work in Snap’s ad tools.

These could end up be hugely valuable additions, especially, as noted, given the broader loss of data in other apps.

You can check out Snap’s Audience Insights via Snap Ads Manager – if you have an Ads Manager Account and Business Account on Snapchat, you can access Audience Insights by logging into Ads Manager, clicking into the menu, and selecting ‘Audience Insights’ under ‘Analyze.’

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