Simone Biles smiles at a teammate during the final day of the women’s competition in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for gymnastics in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., June 27, 2021. REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson

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In Tokyo, the defense of Olympic champion Simone Biles, but unable to go elsewhere except in his hostel or practice sessions, sent a call last afternoon: “Tell me a secret — I am bored.”

Her 4,4 million fans on Instagram answered everything from personal troubles to school skips, causing the 24-year old Biles to give life advice and responses laced by candid egoisms.

Simone Biles
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Reading a message: “I’ve got one of my nearest friends muted on Instagram, because she’s posting the most stupid things,” Biles gave a severe face at the camera straight and agreed, “I too. It’s needed sometimes.”

Others reported they lost their sense of smell, obtained a secret heritage, and got their mums surprised. One man even said she was pregnant — Biles answered this with a wide grin and “Congrats!”

However, particular messages were more serious.

“While everyone else in my family knows, I haven’t always tell my dad that I are gay,” one person remarked.

A thoughtful Biles answered: “Tell him, be free. I support you,” he said: “I always welcome you with open arms on my page and platforms for everyone else who is suffering to talk to family or friends.”

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are being held under tight rules – including daily virus checks for athletes – due to the coronavirus epidemic to prevent further spread in a country where most people still require a vaccine and still want the Games canceled or replaced.

In Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Biles, who has won the all-around competition from her since 2013 and is expected to better this in Tokyo, won five medals, including overall Gold.

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