Should Entrepreneurship Be Fun?

By Tyler Bray, CEO, owner, & founder of The Trailer Parts Outlet.

Should entrepreneurship be fun? It’s a more complicated question than it may appear to be at first. I want to explore how this question might open up the creative breakthroughs you need to see a new path as an entrepreneur.

First, we will talk about why this era is the best time in history to ask, “Is my business plan fun?” Then we’ll talk about whether or not the idea of having “fun” as an entrepreneur is at odds with the hard work, consistency and discipline we all know success requires.

We Are Living In The Golden Age Of Fun Business Ventures

Let’s consider two relatively new types of entrepreneurs: podcasters and social media influencers.

Podcasters do something we’d all love a chance to do. They goof around with their friend group like they’re hanging out in somebody’s living room. Sometimes, they are hanging out in somebody’s living room! They are living proof that nobody can predict what will work well. There are many podcasters who have turned consistent output of lighthearted, unscripted content into million-dollar ventures. In candid moments, I’ve heard some of them admit that they feel like they’ve got the best or easiest job in the world. Somewhere out there, there’s an idea or project that will make you feel the same way. It depends on what you love.

When it comes to social media influencers, you might have to expand your definition to understand what I’m getting at here. An influencer is not necessarily somebody who seems to always be on vacation, perfectly poised on a terrace in Greece. The fact is, there is at least one successful influencer doing something you love to do. It might be reviewing movies you’ve seen or performing stand-up comedy. Some influencers play video games for a living. (Hard work, right?) It might be teaching people how to cook perfect pasta dishes or sharing tips for auto mechanics. These are people who are doing what they love anyway, and they’ve just found the magical combination of skills that helped them take it to the next level. Think your own interest is too weird? When it comes to the internet, there’s no such thing as too niche.

There’s Always More Than Meets The Eye

I can foresee a way in which I might be misinterpreted, so I want to clarify now. Obviously, anytime you’re doing business, you have budgets, schedules, taxes, travel logistics, editing, re-shooting and other details you need to be on top of. No matter your industry, there will be times you have angry customers or receive a review you feel is unfair, but when you pursue your passion, those headaches will all seem worth it. When you encounter those things that fall into the category of “more to this than meets the eye,” realize it’s normal and true of every pursuit, no matter how much fun it may seem.

How Fun Can Fuel Your Consistency And Discipline

You will be more disciplined about activities you enjoy. It seems obvious, but this idea is still often a revelation for people. If you love talking to people, you’ll put out more podcasts, for example. If you love making videos, you’ll do it more often. Fun can fuel your sense of discipline and make you more consistent.

But What If You Have A Business That Isn’t ‘Fun’?

Find what you love about it. While working with trailer parts might not seem fun at first glance, my team and I have found ways to have fun with it. Sometimes the best part of my business day is the satisfaction of problem-solving or just plain taking care of people and being there for my team. The good news is that there is some aspect of that in any job or business. Find it, dive into it, live in it, revel in it and maximize it. It will make your business special and help you find the fuel you need.

Remember, It’s Never Too Late To Diversify

I have businesses that are so diverse they almost never overlap. But what does overlap is the lessons I learn from each. If this article sparked an idea of what you would rather be doing, you don’t have to quit your current projects, particularly if they’re just starting to gain a little momentum. Just remember: If you love something and find it fun, it will add to your overall energy rather than drain it.


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