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How to Perfectly SEO Analysis of a Website to Beat Your Competitor

seo analysis of a website

How to Perfectly SEO Analysis of a Website to Beat Your Competitor: If you are planning a new post on your blog and I am sure your first priority is to keyword research for the particular post which you decide to write, after the keyword research the next step is to find your competitors which rank on Google that phrase.

Many new bloggers make a mistake when they do not properly analyze a competitor’s website and just find the keyword and write content and publish them. After a few weeks, they get frustrated and think about where my mistake is and think why my post does not rank and they remove their blog. 

In this post, I will show you how to do an SEO analysis of competitor websites perfectly. This essential guide is 100% helpful for your blog ranking. You can rank your site top on Google search result and easily beat your competitor

How to SEO analysis of a website

Performing an SEO analysis of your website suggest you to that content which needs some improvements and you will see what changes can be made to keep up to date your website,

It is most important to perform an SEO analysis of your website regularly as google keeps changes the algorithm. Here is simply manual steps follow them without any free or paid tool

#1. Keyword in Title (H1)

The post title is also called the H1 tag, it’s the most important part of any blog post or page because when your blog post appears on google’s top search result then the user attracts your post title and clicks your post, How can you analyze your title to beat your competitor website?

Step1: Go to google and enter your keyword for example your keyword is online business success”  see below the image search result

seo analysis of a website

Check all top 10 websites titles and find which one is who used the same keyword in their title which we can analyze. If we can see the above image in this top 10 sites not include the exact same keyword in the post title then you can use the exact keyword in your H1 tag

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Step 2: You can also use this term “your keyword” and search now this is the exact no of websites that contain our focus keyword in their title.

seo analysis of a website

#2. Short URL With exact Keyword

After the title, next thing is to check the URL of your competitor blog post, find your focus keyword in the URL of those particular posts,

The ideal URL should be short and just exact your primary keyword don’t use top 10, best, or how to in the URL. You should always use your targeted keyword in the URL of the post.

#3. Check Subheading (H2, H3)

The next step is to find your keyword in h2 or h3 headings in your competitor post, if they use the exact phrase in their h2 tag then you should also use the same strategy, but if they don’t use it then it’s a green signal for you. Include your focus keyword at least one time in the h2 tag

#4. Total Words of the Post

another most important step is to count your competitor post total words, for this process you can use a free tool called go to this page insert the exact URL which one you want to count words, and press the count button see below image

3 4

If your competitor writes 3000 words articles on a particular keyword then you should write 3000 plus high-quality words to beat your competitor.

#5. Exact Post Backlinks

Many newbies make a mistake at this point, When they check the website DA PA which will be shown 90 or 80 they are frustrated and ignore their keyword and are going to find another one. Its true, 

If a website appears top on google and his DA 90 or 80 and you are trying to beat the whole site it’s not possible but you can easily beat their specific post, So copy the exact post URL and check backlinks in this case you can use ahrefs or other tools.


#6. Search Intent

Google then you should always create content that aligns with search intent. Read competitor content carefully and understand what he explains in their post, 

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What is your query and, Do you find your answer, If you don’t find your answer then you can easily beat this post just keep in mind the user intent to write high-quality content?

#7. Images And Videos

It’s very simple, check how many videos and images they are using in this article and how they look.

Because, A blog post is not just about plain text, It is a mix combination of other elements like text, Images, Videos, Charts, Slides, etc. Images and videos are essential parts of every blog post which can help you to drive more traffic to your content. 

This is the kind of eye-catching content that makes your blog posts more visible. So always use images and videos it is a term used to describe the purpose of an online search. 

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