Saturday a new month started like the old one ended

A new month started on Saturday, but any differences between October’s first day and September’s last seemed hard to discern amid the cool mists and moisture that enveloped us both days if they did not soak or drench.

Although Friday’s rainfall may have started late, it amounted to an official .32 inches in Washington. On Saturday, by 5 p.m. we had amassed .40 inches, less than a tenth of an inch more.

With a constant grayness, linked to the approaching remnants of Hurricane Ian, our skies seemed much alike at September’s end on Friday and at October’s start on Saturday.

Any two successive days seem likely to be more meteorologically similar than different. But more than merely displaying similarities, Friday and Saturday seemed almost identical.

Beyond sharing the frequent softness of the rain that fell slowly upon us, Friday and Saturday both offered a touch of precocious coolness that may have spoken of colder times that lay ahead.

On Friday, our high temperature of 64 degrees was 11 below average for Sept. 30, matching the average high for Halloween.

As of 5 p.m. Saturday’s high was lower, but only by a single degree. At 63, it matched the average high for Nov. 3, and it encouraged us to zip our windbreakers up to our chins.

As befits a time with stormy remnants on our minds, breezes blew both days. Friday yielded a gust of 32 mph and on Saturday the wind slapped at wet leaves with a gust of 37 mph. But to those here Friday it seemed nothing we hadn’t seen before.

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