San Marcos to vote to decriminalize marijuana in November

“I’ll call it, I think it is going to pass with over 70% in San Marcos,” said council member Jude Prather.

Mano Amiga Communications Director Sam Benavides was pleased about the certification of the petition sending marijuana decriminalization to the November ballot at Tuesday night’s meeting. 

“Our team is thrilled with city council’s decision to allow the voters to approve this measure at the ballot box themselves, showing our community the change they’re capable of creating when they show up for one another and steadily work towards a cause,” said Mano Amiga communications director Sam Benavides. “The people are the reason we got to this point and they will be the ones to take us over the finish line.” 

Benavides said to MySA in an email that the next steps are to promote voter education. She added that the organization will work on registering the thousands of people who signed the petition but did not count because their voter registration wasn’t up to date.

“We also need to promote education around what offenses are and aren’t covered by this policy and exactly what it means for our community,” Benavides said. “For example, we need to stress that this only covers possession up to 4 oz, does not cover THC oil, and applies only to SMPD.”

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