Ron Nirenberg, Texas mayors push for statewide gun reform

As mayors throughout the U.S. commit to a nationwide initiative to promote public safety, San Antonio’s Ron Nirenberg spoke with Bloomberg about the efforts — and pushback — to reform gun laws in Texas. The mayor was on Bloomberg Television on Wednesday, August 17 to discuss what mayors are doing to implement change. 

Nirenberg spoke with David Lawrence Westin, who hosts “City Hall,” a special segment of Bloomberg’s Balance of Power. Westin recognized San Antonio’s proximity to Uvalde, where 19 children and two teachers were killed in one of the deadliest school shootings on May 24. 

“Mayors are on the front lines and frankly, we value the lives of our community more than we value the weapons that are killing the folks in our community,” Nirenberg said on the show. “So we have called on our leaders at the state level where we are facing a lot of pushback – and frankly, weakening of gun laws, to really reform what we have going on here in Texas.”

Nirenberg is on the chair of Texas’ Big City Mayors. The bipartisan effort is calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special session, pass the red flag law, and ensure that proper universal background checks are completed, the mayor said. 

The San Antonio leader called out the governor and legislature for pushing back on gun reform. 

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