Report: Hyundai’s Genesis line set to be the next to get Apple CarKey support

Hyundai’s Genesis line is set to be the next to take advantage of Apple CarKey, according to a new report. Currently, BMW is the only company that offers support for Apple’s secure virtual car key functionality.

The feature, which allows people to unlock their cars using their iPhone and Apple Watch, has been suffering from an exceptionally slow expansion — that is, it hasn’t expanded beyond its initial BMW rollout. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Genesis drivers will be the next to benefit from the technology. Gurman was writing in his weekly Power On newsletter.

Remember CarKey, the Apple feature announced a year and a half ago that lets you unlock and start your car from your iPhone’s Wallet app? I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re unfamiliar with it, given that Apple hasn’t discussed the feature in a while and it only works on select BMW models. I’m told that’s going to change soon. In line with code findings several months ago in iOS 15, I’m hearing that the next cars to get support for the feature will be models from Hyundai and its Genesis line. I’m told the functionality will roll out by the summer.

Like Apple Pay Express Transit, Apple CarKey support doesn’t require that iPhones and Apple Watches be powered on in order to work — an important mechanic considering the potential for being locked out of your own car if that wasn’t the case.

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