Report hints at upcoming Apple audiobook service, but nothing more

A new report has set tongues wagging that Apple could be set to announce a new audiobook subscription service, although that report doesn’t go into any detail.

As part of a wider piece discussing the way Apple’s media services have grown, The Economist includes an almost throwaway line that suggests that a future audiobook service is in the works. Apple already sells audiobooks of course, but this would presumably be some sort of subscription service similar to that offered by Audible.

Here’s what the report has to say:

In the past couple of years Apple has made smaller media bets including Arcade, a subscription gaming package, News+, a publishing bundle, and Fitness+, which offers video aerobics classes. There is talk of an audiobooks service later this year.

The lack of any information does make this difficult to read too much into, although a subscription service could marry well with existing offerings like Apple Music and Apple TV+. If Apple is looking for the next service to expand into, audiobooks could well be an avenue worth exploring.

Amazon’s Audible is the big player in the space right now, charging up to $15 for one new book each month. If Apple could roll such a thing into Apple One the subscription bundle would be even better value than it is already.

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