Report: Chinese firm BOE wants to make ProMotion displays for iPhone 15 Pro

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Apple could have a new ProMotion display manufacturer online by the time it’s ready for iPhone 15 Pro according to a new report.

While the company already produced the panels that are used in iPhone 13, it hasn’t yet been able to join the race to make 120Hz ProMotion displays as used in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It isn’t expected to have its ducks in a row by the time iPhone 14 Pro rolls around either, but that could change by the time iPhone 15 Pro is ready to be announced according to a report by The Elec.

BOE hopes to be able to produce the LPTO displays required for ProMotion by next year in an attempt to compete with the likes of LG Display and Samsung Display. The two Korean firms are set to split Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max device manufacturing between them.

BOE is aggressively expanding its share in Apple’s OLED panel supply chain against South Korean rivals Samsung Display and LG Display.

Apple is expected to ship early-200 million units of OLED iPhones this year __ the Chinese display giant is expected to supply panels for up to 20% of the phones, or 40 million to 50 million units.

Apple’s ProMotion display offers the best iPhone experience available thanks to its variable refresh rate that goes all the way from 10Hz to 120Hz. That allows for a buttery-smooth refresh rate when required as well as a battery-saving one when it isn’t.

Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 15 lineup in or around September 2023, so we’re still a long way away from getting a look at what Apple has in mind.

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